Beautiful Mary // Underwater Maternity Photographer

This is Mary. She is kind, friendly, funny, and ummm... Beautiful!  She is also a water girl.  She grew up in Hawaii and started surfing at a very young age and fell in love with it.  She's an awesome surfer, one of the youngest girls to compete in profession surf competitions.  She even married a man named Kai which is Hawaiian for seawater:)  When they found out they were pregnant they were sooo excited but it didn't stop them from surfing together... Mary surfed up until she was 9 months pregnant!  It's no surprise that an underwater maternity shoot was right up her alley.  We decided to go for a very ethereal feeling shoot with very natural muted colors.  We also did a few intimate shots at the end where she was only wearing glitter!  Congratulations Mary and Kai!!

 I just recently met up with Mary and her little precious daughter Nami... She's a beauty just like her mama.

Ruth Powell2 Comments