Rona+Morgan // Oahu Destination Wedding Photographer

For those of you that have sisters know how strong a sisters bond can be.  I received an email from Lana one day telling me a little bit about her sisterly bond.  Lana and her little sister Rona spent their childhood growing up in Hawaii, running barefoot, dancing hula and eating shave ice and malasadas.  They moved to the Mainland in high school and have lived there ever since. Lana fell in love and started a family and Rona spent many years dedicated to medical school and is now a top pediatric orthopedic surgeon in Colorado.  When Rona fell in love with Morgan, the man of her dreams, she knew she wanted to come back to the little island of Oahu to say "I do".  Lana initially contacted me because she knew how important photography was to Rona and wanted it to be her sisters gift.  

The wedding was beautiful!  It over looked the ocean at Lanikuhonua on Oahu.  The guests feasted on BBQ and every kind of fresh seafood you could imagine.  They had an amazing dessert station and of course had a shave ice and malasada stand so Rona could relive some of her childhood's favorite treats!  One of my favorite moments of the day was when Morgan jumped up and played the trumpet with the band!  He had secretly been practicing to surprise his bride, and Rona didn't even have a clue he knew how to play that instrument!  It was so sweet and hilarious... and he was awesome!  It was such an amazing day, one I will not easily forget!


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