Diana+Konstantin // Big Island of Hawaii Four Seasons Wedding Photographer

Growing up in Australia my life was gymnastic.  From the almost daily practices to my obsession with Nadia Comaneci, it was my passion.  In my dreams I thought I was a ballerina... I had a ballerina photo framed on my wall and ballet shoes hanging on my door.  To me a ballerina was the epitome of beauty and grace.  

When I found out that I was going to be shooting the famous Diana Vishneva, a real prima ballerina,  I was so excited!  It was so amazing to watch her move... even in her daily life she held her body in a way that only a lifetime of training could teach you.  And yes, she was as I had imagined, very beautiful.  She and her love Konstantin decided to take their portrait photos on a different day than the wedding.  They wanted to spend their whole wedding day with their guests at the Hualalai Four Seasons so they asked to have them done in the unique lava fields of Hawaii, something so different from their home of Russia.  They wanted everything about their wedding to be unique... and it was.  Just check out Diana's custom dress!  It was like nothing I've ever seen before, but was just perfect for her.


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