Places I love... Galapagos Islands, Ecuador // TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHER

A year ago we took a trip to France with some of our dearest friends and their lovely parents.  At the end of the trip they had invited us on their next family holiday to Peru and The Galapagos!  We were so excited!!  I had always want to go to Peru and see the ancient city Machu Picchu.  But I never really thought much about the Galapagos... all I knew about the place was that Charles Darwin studied bizarre birds and animals there proving his theory on evolution.  After talking to a few people that had traveled to the Galapagos they all said the same thing... it looks just like the Big Island of Hawaii with crazy animals.  They were right!  It's so much like Hawaii.  And they animals are pretty crazy.  It's the only place in the world with Marine Iguanas that dive 30 ft under the water to eat the seaweed of the rocks.  There are Sea Lions everywhere!  And of course the Galapagos Tortoise's are awesome!  But the one thing that shocked me was how into the birds I was and how excited I was to photograph them.  I've heard about people that join bird watching clubs and I never understood why anyone would get excited to "watch birds".  But now I get it.  There where so many birds I've never seen before!  My favorite were the Red and Blue Footed Boobies.  I've never really photographed wildlife but I'm excited to do more... Look out Africa I'm coming for you next!!

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