One of the perks of marrying my handsome husband was joining his incredible family.  A very large family at that.  Parents, siblings, cousins, aunts+uncles and grand-parents... they are all amazing individuals that love and would do anything for one another.  Paka's youngest sister is Maile.  The first time Paka brought me home to meet his family was at Maile's third birthday party.  She is now the sweetest eighteen year old and is leaving home this week for New Zealand.  Am I a little jealous?... maybe:)  I wanted to do a photos shoot with her before she left on her adventure.  She requested a mermaid shoot!  Maile has always loved mermaids... I think she even fancy's herself one... and now I might too.  She is so natural underwater, I think I might have even seen some gills!

My beautiful friend Lianne styled the shoot with the modern day teenage mermaid concept in mind.  She did an amazing job and Maile looked gorge! 

Travel is my passion and I'm so excited for Maile to start her travels and hopefully get a travel bug!  I'm going to miss you and I'm looking forward to hearing about life it NZ... x

At the end of Maile's shoot I convince Lianne to take a couple of photos too:) Thanks for all of your help and making the shoot even more fun!


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