One of my dearest friends is having her first child, a baby girl.  Brooke, is my adventure friend.  We have been to many countries together and on our last trip (Iceland in September) she was joking that the next trip we take I'll be toting around a little baby, or that this would probably be my last trip altogether before I was locked down to a life of changing dirty nappies and breastfeeding... Little did Brooke know she was actually preggers on that trip!  When she told me she was pregnant I said I couldn't wait to take photos of her and her bump!  Brooke is an amazing photographer, and like most photogs, likes to stay behind the camera... She said she was happy not to have her photo taken during her pregnancy.  Well Brooke has a lot of photographer friends who won't take no for an answer when it comes to taking her pics.  She has had photos taken in India, New York and Seattle... Here are her Hawaii shots.  I can't wait to meet you baby girl!!

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