Nena+Bardin // Sonoma Valley Wedding Photographer

There are moments shooting weddings I will never forget... one will be the the "first looks" of Bardin and Nena.  Bardin was a ball of nervous energy waiting to see his bride.  When Nena tapped him on the should and he saw her, tears rolled down his cheeks in awe of his soon to be wife... it was such a sweetest moment.  There was so much love and thought put into their backyard wedding.  Bardin's parents had bought their new home in Sebastopol in the Sonoma Valley a year prior and they worked very hard to get the grounds wedding ready.  A neighbor heard about the wedding and offered to grow all of the flowers for the big day and Nena's family made amazing little tamales and Mexican wedding cookies.  

Nena's father passed away a couple of years ago and she wanted to make sure to honor him.  In her dress she wore a  heart cut out from his favorite shirt, Bardin and guests wore a ribbon in remembrance of him and Nena arranged for a mariachi band to play his favorite songs.  It was a fantastic wedding at a beautiful time of year, the day after the summer solstice and the day before the super moon... Congratulation Nena+Bardin, I'm very very happy for you both!


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