Does this beauty look familiar...?  Its Nadia from the post below!  After wrapping her session with hubby Ricardo she mentioned she had really wanted to do an underwater maternity shoot, but was too nervous.  After talking to her about what she was concerned about I went home.  That night I had an email from Nadia saying that Ricardo had encouraged her to do the shoot...   I'm so glad he did, we had so much fun!!  

I love shooting pregnant women underwater.  I've never had the joy of pregnancy but I have been around enough women to know that at the end of the pregnancy they are sooo uncomfortable.  I love hearing the ooohs and aaahs every time they get in the pool or ocean as the cool water takes the pressure off of their baby bump.  I also love that I'm capturing a mother in water while her baby is in water inside of her.  
Congratulations Nadia and Ricardo, their baby girl was born three days ago!  And thanks to Lianne for once again assisting me on another underwater shoot, I couldn't  do them without you!