I was recently talking to a friend about how lucky I am to live in Hawaii and have such a great community of friends.  I really feel so lucky to be surrounded by supportive, generous and creative beautiful people.  That being said I'm always longing to travel, to leave this little island and experience cultures that are so different from mine. I've always been a bit of a transient soul so when Paka and I were first talking about building our house (which we are doing now) I had a bit of an internal freak out... I'd be settling down, and making roots... Aaaaah!!  I am finally figuring out that as lucky as I am to travel as much as I do I am equally lucky to have my almost daily coffee dates and spontaneous dinner parties.  I've never taken my friendships for granted but I'm realizing that having a stellar community of friends around is not the norm!  To my dear friends (you know who you are), thank you for being "my people"!  Here are some photos of some of these lovely friends hanging out in the mountains, enjoying the sunshine and shooting handguns... you know, just your average afternoon in a place I love to call home.