A couple of weeks ago Paka and I went to Maui to celebrate Paka's Tutu's 80th birthday!  Family from different islands traveled to beautiful Maui for this family reunion.  Paka has a million cousins (that might be a slight exaggeration) and most of them came for the party as well.  I adore my cousins and miss them so much, since they all live in Australia.   I love that I now have cousins in Hawaii who are equally as amazing as my Aussie cuzzies!    While we were there we stayed with cousins who live in Maui.  They asked if I'd mind doing do a family shoot of them.  Ummm no... of course not!  Just look at how adorable they are!!  We had such an awesome week with our family and can't wait to get back to Maui to see these precious cousins again soon.