I'm so excited to share this delightful wedding I shot at the beautiful historic Anna Ranch.  It's located in Waimea (a small town on the Big Island) at the foot of a hill called "Buster Brown".  In high school Paka and I would hike this "mountain" back to "Anna's Pond", which was actually a beautiful waterfall.  I have many great memories of escaping Kona, heading for Waimea and hiking around Anna Ranch.  When I spoke to this adorable couple Radka+Allan they told me they met and fell in love in a hiking club.  When they said they were thinking of getting married at Anna Ranch I knew this picturesque backdrop would be the perfect place for them to be married!

Waimea is known for being windy and wet... but on this day the weather was magical!  Radka and Allan were so smitten it was so sweet to watch the way their eyes lit up around each other.  They were also so much fun, and up for anything!  They love to hike together, so they decided to go on a little hike after the ceremony!  (Aren't they cool?!)   Annie of "Bliss in Bloom" did an amazing job of capturing their personalities and transforming the rustic ranch into this perfect setting!  Thanks Psalm for shooting with me, and Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there... especially to my hubby who is the best dad to our puppy Maybe!