One thing I love about the photography community is the camaraderie you share with other photographers.  Swapping stories, talking shop and drawing inspiration.  Brooke is one of these talented photogs I'm talking about... Let me just brag about her for a second... She was just named New York Magazine's wedding expert in their upcoming wedding issue!  But our friendship began long before either of us were photographers.  We were just 19 and 20 years old, living in Switzerland and scraping together our Franc's so we could sit in smokey cafe's and talk about all the traveling we'd do one day.  Fast forward  10+ years Brooke and I have seen a lot of this planet.  In fact, besides Paka I have been to more countries with Brooke than anyone else!  My home is now in Hawaii, and Hawaii is Brooke's home away from home.  When she was here a couple of weeks ago she asked me to take a few photo's of her and her sweet daughter Aven.  I unfortunately shot during her nap time but was still able to coax out a smile or two:)  A+B, I can't wait for my next visit to NYC!!