Places I love... my homeland, OZ // TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHER

Happy ANZAC Day!!  (I know, technically I'm a day late... but it's still April 25th here in Hawaii!)  A little over a month ago I went to Sydney and Newcastle to visit my family.  It had been a year and a half since I was home, and I was missing my friends and family so much that one night I booked a ticket and a week later I was traveling down under!  I'm so happy I decided to go...!!  I spent time with my adorable Grandma, my Dad, cousins (who are the coolest sweetest people ever), Aunty and Uncles, my childhood bff, old friends and new friends.  I only was able to get away for 10 days but they were jam packed with long walks, thrift store shopping, good food and flat whites!  I feel so fortunate to be from such a beautiful and amazing country.  I know I just left but I can't wait to go back...!