Can I just say this might be the cutest family ever!  Ok, maybe I'm a little bit biased since they are my family after all:)  Before leaving Arizona I went with my Mum, sister, brother-in-law, niece and 10 day old nephew to the beautiful Sabino Canyon in Tucson.  We arrived right before the park was closing, jumped in a tram and I took a few quick photos of this adorable family.  I must say I was impressed that they wanted to venture out of the house with a new born but, I wasn't shocked since not 3 days after giving birth my sister was taking her daughter to gymnastics and running errands!  I just got some awesome news today, my sister booked a ticket to come visit me in Hawaii in 2 weeks!  I can't wait to see you Selah, and I'm sooo excited to get my hands on baby Leo again!