After France+Switzerland we met up with our good friends Ali+Ian in Rome.  Paka+I  met Ali+Ian almost five years ago traveling in Thailand where we became fast and furious friends!  The last time we saw them was a couple of years ago when they were visiting us in Kona.  It was our turn to go visit them in England... but they were desperate for a holiday so we arranged to meet up in Rome instead.  It was so much fun exploring the city sites with some of our best besties!

I lived in Rome for a month when I was 18 and loved it.  It's still so hard for me to fathom how old these unbelievable structures are... and that they are still standing blows me away!  It was however a little too easy for me to wrap my head around the gelato, pasta, pizza, espresso and wine...!  Thank goodness we walked... a lot!!