I am so lucky to have some amazing women in my life who truly know me and love me in spite of my craziness!  This is Kara, she is one of these women.  I adore her and was so excited when she told me she was having a baby.  I went to NYC a few weeks ago to shoot a couple of weddings with a friend{another amazing women in my life}.  Kara lives in New York, and when I knew I was flying east I asked her if I could take a few photos of her... she wasn't too excited about being in front of the camera... but of course she said yes.  Kara is kind and generous and I know she'll will be a wonderful mother!  I'm so excited to to meet her {hopefully redheaded} little girl!

The daddy-to-be caught us in the street doing the shoot and ran over for a little cuddle... they're too cute!