Two new owners of keys to her heart // UNDERWATER MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHER

Has anyone else noticed the baby boom that's happening right now?? Just off the top of my head I can think of about twenty girls I know that are preggers, but Corey is the only one I know who is having twins! Can you believe she is only a couple of weeks away from delivering?!! When we talked about doing an underwater maternity shoot, I was quite excited.  Underwater portrait photography has quickly become one of my favorite types of photography to shoot; I love the way light looks streaming through the water.  This shoot was a little tricky for me because we shot on a gray overcast day with little light and in water that was quite murky... I wasn't really sure how to shoot in these conditions but was up for the challenge!  I was happily surprised when I started going though the images... I really like the ethereal look of the photos and how she looks like she's deep in the abyss!