Back to blogging my travels!  After Paris my friends and I traveled down to the quaint little town of Beaune... Burgundy wine country;  Mmmm... my favorite kind of wine, pinot noir!  The countryside was beautiful!!  We arrived just at the end of grape picking season, lucky for us not all the grapes were picked, YUM!  I love a farmers market, and Beaune has a great one.  We bought fresh produce, meats and cheeses.  We had so much fun cooking together and drinking wine.  Not a bad way to spend our last week in France... Amazing friends, great wine and delicious food...  I can't wait to go back!!

On our way to Rome (blog still to come) we stopped in Lausanne.  Paka and I LOVE Switzerland!  We lived there for two years and could easily see ourselves living there again someday.  We popped over just for two days to visit friends and eat one of our favorite meals, Roclette... a must have meal if you are ever in the alps!