My puppy Maybe is the sweetest dog in the world, I love her so much!  I take her with me everywhere I go... shopping, working out... I even sneak her into the movie theater (shhh, that's our secret)!   Some of my friends tease me about how much I love her... rude right?! 

When Kim asked me about doing a family photo session of her and her doggie Lexie I was so excited! Someone else who loves their dog as much I do... I was in!!  We decided to do the shoot in Waimea and I'm so glad we did.  The weather was beautiful and Lexie was in doggie heaven smelling flowers and running around the hills of Waimea.  My friend Lianne (another puppy mommy) came and helped me out with the shoot.  She was the perfect dog wrangler and she did an amazing little jig that definitely got Lexie to smile!  

Thanks Kim and Lexie for being such great models, it was such a fun day!