Today is Ms. Mary Shizuko Teshima's one hundred and fourth birthday!  Ms. Teshima was born in Kona over a century ago... Can you image what Kona town looked like back then??  She has lived through the depression, the invasion of Pearl Harbor (she was even sent to a concentration camp here in Hawaii because of her Japanese heritage) and Hawaii becoming the 50th state of America.  What makes her a living legend is her restaurant, Kona's famous Teshima's.  She opened Teshima's as a general store with her husband back in 1929.  It is the best place in... well, I guess the world to get delicious Japanese cuisine!  If you ask anyone who was raised in Kona, Teshima's is part of their history.  Ms. Teshima is still working in the restaurant, clearing dirty dishes and greeting customers with smiles.  Someone who has lived happily this long must have a little advice... well, this is hers.  "Work hard. Go to school. Never argue back... even if you are right, keep quite.  It's really hard to do but in the end the outcome is way better."  Great advice, but she is right, very hard to do:) If you have never eaten at Teshima's I highly encourage you to do so! Happy birthday Ms. Teshima, you are a beautiful and wonderful women!

Mary Teshima with her great grand daughter Mary Teshima