A month after Paka and I were married (a mllion years ago!) we moved to Switzerland for two years.  While there we only crossed the border into France a few times.  Mainly to go to the dentist because it was a lot cheaper and once to the French Alps for some snowboarding... that was a BIG MISTAKE!  I had heard Paris was nice but we never made it there.  Well let me tell you it's more than nice, it's amazing!  It has now landed in my top 5 favorite cities.

When we arrived in Paris we met up with our dear friends Andy+Lianne and her lovely parents Roger+Anne to celebrate Lianne's second 30th birthday!  We roamed the city streets stopping often for delicious coffee and macaroons, and feasted on croque monsieurs when ever possible!  We only scratched the surface of the incredible art at the Louvre, and unfortunately didn't get to do too much shopping...  I guess that means we have to go back soon right?!  After an amazing few days in Paris we all made our way down to the quaint historical town of Beaune where we stayed at Anne+Roger's beautiful home. Those photos will be coming a little later!