Virginia St.

Do you ever think back to your great childhood memories and there is always that one friend who is there? For me that person is Virginia... or Ginny.  She has been my dear friend since we were babies.  Even though she was only 8 months older than me, I looked up to her. We weren't just best friends because our families holidayed together or because she had 3 brothers and all boy cousins.  We just loved to be together... talking, playing... whatever.  I can't even remember if we ever had a fight, which is odd for children.  Ginny was kind and thoughtful, confident, loving and even at that young age an amazing artist.  When I moved away from Australia at the age of ten I was devastated to leave my friend.  Being young it was hard to stay connected. But over the years we managed.  We have been able to visit one another and see each other grow into adults. Not much has changed for Ginny, she's still her kind, beautiful, loving self who has became a phenomenal artist. Lately I've been thinking about my friend in OZ. Last month I was walking down an unfamiliar street and I came upon Virginia Street. I took a photo of it and kept meaning to send it to her.  I finally got around to it a couple of days ago.  Yesterday Ginny emailed me (I was thinking it was to thank me for the photo, which she did) to tell me her dad just passed away.  I'm so sad for my friend and her family.  I was so fond of Uncle Robert.  I wish I could be there with her now... This world usually feels quite small to me, but today it feels very big.  I wish Ginny wasn't so far away.